Our Services

II         Criteria needed to obtain service


1.     Request for a passport:

Within the Country -  Residence ID from a kebele

Outside the Country (from Ethiopian embassies) - A previous Ethiopian passport

Children under 18 - Birth certificate of the child

-        Parent or Guardian's Passport or Residence ID from a kebele  

2.     Laissez-Passé

This is a one-way document given to those who are out of the country but who have lost their passport and wish to return to Ethiopia. It is given after writing a letter to the Mission confirming the loss of the passport.

3.     Ethiopian Country of Origin identity

For those who wish to obtain an ID as a person of Ethiopian Origin it is necessary to produce evidence of Ethiopian citizenship prior to obtaining his/her foreign citizenship. Alternatively it is necessary to produce evidence that one of their parents, grand-parents or great grand-parents were Ethiopian. In accordance with the Proclamation 270/2002 and Regulation 19/2014, an ID can be given within the country or at a Mission outside Ethiopia.

4.     Investment Visa (I.V)

An Investment visa can be given when an Embassy has verified that the applicant is an investor. The Investment Commission may also give the visa when requested. Visas can be employees of:

·        Government offices (G.V)

·        Private enterprises (P.E)

·       Foreign investors (W.V)

·       NGOs (N.V)

·       Media (Journalists) (J.V)

·       Those attending conferences or workshops (C.V)

·       For various government tasks/duties (G.I.V)

·       For members of continental and international bodies(R.I)

When a request any of the above type of visas is submitted in advance to the Immigration Head office, the permit is given through the office of the embassy or mission abroad.  If the visitor comes from a country where there is no mission, the request must be conveyed or submitted to the Head Office and visa or permit issued here. 

In addition, if the request is made through a Note Verbal by a country which has a bilateral visa agreement with Ethiopia, the embassy or missions can give the visa. Otherwise, only the Head Office can issue the visa.  

Student Visa (S.V)

Student Visas are given to those who come to the country for education or training. The visa is given on confirmation that they have been accepted by an academic institution in Ethiopia.

Transit Visa (T.V)

A transit visa is given to foreign nationals who are travelling to other countries through Ethiopian territory. Prior to issuing a transit visa, documents such as an ongoing air ticket and duration of stay are required.

III        Places where Services are provided:

In foreign countries: Ethiopian Missions in countries where these are available 

Within the country: The Immigration and Citizenship Department in Ethiopia

In Regions: at the Immigration branch offices in Bahr Dar, Mekele, Dire Dawa, Jimma, Hawassa and Dessie. 

Entrance Ports: At International Airports at

·       Addis Ababa Bole Immigration Department

·       Dire Dawa Airport Immigration Branch office 

Land Ports:  at Moyale, Dewelle, Galafi, Metema, Togo Wichale, Teferi Ber, Humera Omorate and Dolo Odo. 

All foreign nationals who want or need to access immigration services at these land ports are required to obtain visas from Ethiopian missions in advance. If they want to leave the country, they are required to have a valid visa or residence permit.